How to Take Care of Reclaimed Hard Wood Flooring

Hardwood flooring may be relatively easy to maintain especially during the summer season. During the winter season, however, might require extra special care due to the change in temperature, humidity levels and proneness to water. So this winter, prepare yourselves with these tips for maintaining your reclaimed flooring.
Make use of layers, rugs and carpets. During the winter season, take some time to think about your new winter weather gear. For sure you will stock up on scarves, socks and booty style slippers, but, it would be a time-saving and efficient way if you consider winter accessories which would also be helpful in maintaining your hard wood flooring. Avoid using your shoes and coats on the areas where there is hard wood flooring installed, as using them might scratch and leave drops of water on the floor which might lift the flooring finishes. Instead, use ballet slippers or socks. Using layers of socks on your reclaimed wood floors will not only help you keep warm but it will add even just a little bit of insulation to your floors as well helping you save money on heating costs. Another great idea is to add a few rugs or carpets on your flooring to add extra layers of insulation. They will be able to keep your room warmer and help retain hear in your home.

Preferably months before the winter season, make sure that your house is prepared for it as well. To help you keep the heat inside and maintain the temperature of your house, make sure that you seal up cracks around doors and windows and buy insulating materials that you could stick to your windows.
Avoid water on your hard wood flooring. Water, even only drops of it will not make any hardwood flooring better. When water gets in contact with your hard wood flooring and has been left some time on it, it will lift the flooring finishes, seep onto the flooring and would form mold, bacteria and mildew. Dirt is the worst enemy of hardwood flooring thus it is always important that you prevent water from dropping or even spilling on your floor especially during the winter season when we have a lot of guests and people wearing heavy coats, boots and other outdoor gear. Prepare your main door or your entry way prior to winter season. You can do so by setting aside a specific place for your family and guests to hang their coats on, by asking them to leave their shoes on a rack, by putting interior and exterior floor mats or rugs to be used for wiping and by keeping some cleaning supplies nearby so you can attend to your flooring immediately. These will effectively help reduce dirt and avoid water from getting on your hardwood lumber.
Adjust interior humidity levels. During the summer season, your are in its best shape. Why? Because during humid, warmer temperatures, reclaimed wood expands. Thus, a little bit of dusting and wiping will suffice. On the other hand, during the winter season when the air is dry and humidity is low, reclaimed wood will typically contract, thus, creating gaps, cupping and checking in your floor. To effectively increase the humidity level inside your home, simply boil a pot of water or put a teakettle on simmer to let the steam fill the air and increase the humidity as well as the temperature.
Installing reclaimed floors during winter. If you are currently installing your reclaimed wood flooring during the winter season, make sure that you make an extra effort to properly take care of it. Make sure to check how the adhesive temperature and curing times adjust depending on the temperature inside your home and ensure that the tools to be used in installing are at room temperature because some will break at lower temperatures. Reclaimed hard wood flooring is always a good addition to a home especially when taken care of and properly maintained. What are some of your tips for caring for hardwood flooring especially during the winter season? Feel free to share your thoughts. s.

Trendy Materials Wine Cork Flooring For Kitchens

Certain trends have come and gone, but going green is a trend that appears to be here to stay. Today, people are finding all kinds of ways to be more eco-friendly in their daily lives, from what they wear and buy to the materials they choose for the interior design or home remodeling projects. Wine cork flooring is just one great example of eco-friendly ingenuity.

Manufactured Wine Cork Flooring Options

Today, a few companies have started producing flooring tiles that have been made from wine corks. These corks can be shredded and then formed into a tile shape, or they can be slices of the corks with resin, they can be dyed, printed and much, much more. Plus, wine cork flooring isnt just for kitchen designs, it can also be used for bathroom designs, laundry rooms and more.

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Forest Flooring is the premier floor sanding London

Have you decided to completely renovate the flooring of your home? Are you tired of looking for a business that can offer you some of the most polished floor sanding London services in the UK, only to be left disappointed by the distinct lack of options? If this sounds all too familiar the only floor sanding London business to consider is Forest Flooring and Renovations Limited.

Forest Flooring and Renovations Limited is one of the premier floor sanding London providers. Our team are fully trained and experts in all manner of floor sanding London. Indeed, it is this expertise that has allowed us to become one of the most sought-after services in the UK. Our reputation as one of the foremost floor sanding London providers has been earned through a dedication to the craft, combined with a meticulous standard to every aspect of the business. Indeed, from customer service through to the process of floor sanding London we’re proud to be one of the foremost names in the industry.

The floor sanding London that we offer here at Forest Floor is completed using some of the most innovative and effective floor sanding London machines. In addition to the superlative quality that our floor sanding machines offer, here at Forest Flooring we offer a dedicated after sales and support service that cannot be beaten on customer service. This unique customer service is often imitated but never matched.

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Get The Best Brushed And Oiled Oak Flooring For Your Home

Many people tend to forget that the floor of a house is as important as the roofing and the walls. People are more worried on the size of the compound and the size of the rooms. They are worried whether these rooms are big enough to accommodate all their belongings. They are more concern on their TV sets and the space to put them. However, when it comes to worrying about the floor coating there are several things to think about.

The type of flooring depends much on the texture and your style. There are different kinds of flooring which you may choose from. Each flooring has a different way of maintaining it. Therefore the treatment you give to your floor will determine its lifespan. Taking good care of the floor will help you save on the maintenance and other costs that might be brought about by not taking care of it.

Whereas other people may risk taking a new kind of flooring, several others would want to stick to oak flooring. If you want your floor to be much beautiful and perverted then go for the real oak flooring. Its texture offers different colours so it is ideal for you if you want something stylish. More importantly, another reason why it is loved by many is that it is durable and long lasting.

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Green and Vyara Granite Flooring Ideas

There is a flooring requirement in every type of premise – residential and commercial. And you can always opt for a durable and elegant choice of granite tiles for this. There is a large collection of Vyara granite tiles that can be a wonderful option for flooring. There is a beautiful blend of gold textured colors in this category of tiles. The gradation and variation provides beautiful contrasting styles in floor decor.

There is another collection in green granite tiles that has a wide variety of textures and hues of green blended beautifully. This variation allows you a choice of various combination’s and opportunity to place them in different areas of the house. There are various areas of a house with different rates of exposure and different kind of requirement uses. There are kitchen work stations or even window sills are places that can look better with granite tile slabs.

The beautiful elegance of the designs that are available in Vyara granite also comes in high tones of polished surfaces. They can be an ideal decor to your favorite rooms in the house. The light textures of the designs are reflective and allow free flow of light in a room. There is a spacious and at the same gorgeous effect that is created by the tiles.

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